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This is what “politically correct” thinking gives us.

If I came on here and told you that more than 1400 children, generally between the ages of 11 and 15, mostly female, had been kidnapped or tricked into sex rings and prostitution, how would you react? Would you shrug your shoulders and pass it off as another third-world tragedy?

What if I added that authorities knew the locations of the perpetrators and case histories of roughly one-third of those children, yet didn’t interfere? Would you be horrified? Disgusted at the blatant police and political corruption?

On August 26, the Wall Street Journal ran a headline stating “U.K. Report Details Widespread Child Sex Abuse in Rotherham, England” and below the headline, “Independent Review Criticizes Public Authorities for Collective Failure in Tackling Abuse”.

England? Wait, I thought this was some third-world country we were talking about. Not jolly old England, with the Queen and King Arthur and Big Ben and polo matches. Nope, according to the map, Rotherham is definitely in England. Located in South Yorkshire (If you drew a line going West-East across the country at Liverpool, Rotherham would be pretty smack in the middle of that line.) it boasted a population of approximately 257,800 according to 2011 census data (Wikipedia). That same 2011 census showed how Rotherham’s ethnic and religious populations broke down:

According to the Rotherham Joint Strategic Needs Assessment, Ethnicity and Cultural Identity:

  • “Rotherham’s population is not homogenous and people with different cultural identities may have different needs or require different approaches to service provision.”
  • “The cultural composition of Rotherham has been changing at a fast pace with new communities emerging.”
  • The Equality Act of 2010 places a duty on public services to avoid discrimination on the basis of race and religion.” (emphasis mine)

From the same:

  • Rotherham had 91.9% of the population identify as “White British” on their census form. The remaining 8.1%i dentified as “Black and Minority Ethic (BME) “
  • Of the BME community, the largest of these identified as Pakistani or Kashmiri, making up 3.1% of the local population. The next largest BME group claimed Slovak or Czech Roma heritage.
  • Religiously, 66.5% of the city described themselves as Christian. Muslims made up 3.7% of the local citizenry while 22.5% said they had no religion. Only 0.7% chose “other”.
  • Though it is situated in the middle of England, only 72.8% of people classified themselves as “English only”.

Why is this important? Since 1997, a group of Pakistanis has been going after young, troubled white girls (“easy meat”, to use their term). The girls, described by the perpetrators as “out of control” and thus easy to target, were trafficked, beaten, and raped by large numbers of men.

An independent investigative report also discovered that “victims were doused in petrol and threatened with being set alight, terrorised [sic] with guns, made to witness brutally-violent [sic] rapes, and told they would be next if they spoke out;”. The torturous treatment went on for so long that one victim “described gang rape as ‘a way of life'”.  For some, it was so usual that it was considered a part of growing up.

The 1,400 victims is considered to be a low estimate.

Where were the police? In a gun-free England, where the police are usually armed only with a billy club, the girls who were known to be part of this ring were “treated with contempt” by local law enforcement. In at least two instances, fathers, discovering where their daughters were being kept, were arrested themselves instead of being given the opportunity (let alone the assistance) to save their daughters from being terrorized, when the pedophiles called the police on the parents.

Why? For the love of all that is holy, WHY? If the police and other government groups knew that this was going on, why did no one step in to save these girls? “Professor Alexis Jay, who wrote the report, condemned the ‘blatant’ collective failures by the council’s leadership, concluding: ‘It is hard to describe the appalling nature of the abuse that child victims suffered.

Children suffered because “Terrified of accusations of racism, desperate not to undermine the official creed of cultural diversity, they took no action against obvious abuse.”

Read that again. I’ll emphasize a few things to help:

“Terrified against accusations of racism, desperate not to undermine the official creed of cultural diversity, they took no action against obvious abuse.”

So we have Muslim men of Pakistani descent, kidnapping over a thousand white woman over the course of nearly fifteen years (the report further detailed that schools had alerted authorities to signs of abuse, to no avail), and no one in mostly God-fearing, lily-white England lifts a finger because they are afraid of offending their new Muslim neighbors and being targeted as racist?

It went so far that reporters described the men as “Asian”, rather than associate them with Islam or Arabic culture.

If we are going to be very, very technical about things, yes, Pakistan is part of the Asian continent. Yet to describe them as “Asian” brings to mind the physical characteristics of the Koreans, the Vietnamese, the Chinese, the Japanese, the Philipinos, etc. Pakistan is in the same neighborhood geographically as Iran, Afghanistan, and the Indian subcontinent. It lies across the Arabian Sea from Saudi Arabia, the U.A.E., Yemen, and Oman. They are of Arabic culture, not Asian.

Winston Churchill must be rolling in his grave. This is what England has done to itself. It has given up its freedom for a socialistic experiment and produced a nation of such mice that Julius Caesar would have just looked over at the island and gone, “Meh,” before returning to the Gallic wars.

It is pointless to highlight the fact that Muslim men get this idea that women are second-class citizens and that white women in particular “deserve to be punished”. We have seen examples of this in Islamic culture time and time again.

Instead, look again at the case. A group of  men spend seven years terrorizing and sexually abusing 1400 or more underage girls. Then look at the details. The men were all of Arabic descent, and practiced a religion that we already know treats women very poorly and engages freely in pedophilia. Combine that with an open hatred for the West and the only other question remaining is how far does this ring really extend? If it is limited to Rotherham, I will eat my hat.

England, instead, I will direct this to you:

Three-quarters of a century ago you withstood conditions few countries could have possibly withstood. In the midst of a Blitz, you held back the bloodiest army modern times had seen and you did it without apology. The enemy you face now is far more dangerous and far more deadly. Worse, you have invited him in. Now, he lurks everywhere, and while you entertain him in your parlor, his comrades are raping your daughters and stealing away your sons. How long will you let this go on?

To America:

What makes you think you’re so immune?



For more information, online news publications including the U.K. Daily Mail, the Telegraph (UK), and the Wall Street Journal have been providing coverage of the events. Many of the shorter quotes used in this post were taken from various  articles from those three publications. A Google search of “Rotherham, England sex trafficking” will bring up more than enough reading material for anyone interested in further information.


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The Unintended Victim

The straw that finally broke the camel’s proverbial back was the following article:


Thirty-plus comments and several angry people later, I decided that in the interest of keeping friends, maybe a blog would be a better idea. For what it’s worth, this isn’t the first time the idea has crossed my mind. Anyway, the article was written by a woman who discovered in her late thirties that her birth mother was the victim of rape, who had been beaten and left to die by the side of the road by her rapist: the rapist who was, incidentally, the writer’s father. The rape victim, upon learning she was pregnant as a result of the crime, attempted to terminate the pregnancy. The abortion failed, and the child that resulted was the writer of the article.

My Facebook wall became a very heated battleground involving the rights of rape victims, the rights of children, and whether or not it was right to further punish a woman who had been raped to endure a pregnancy, labor, and delivery. In one corner was the pro-abortion crowd. In the other, the pro-life crowd. Attempting to referee was me, who was friends with all the people posting. It got ugly.

Our culture has a problem. We view things as too disposable. Cameras. Paper towels. Plastic bags. Cell phones that we upgrade every two years. Marriages had a 50% divorce rate last time I saw the statistics. Take a look at that. The man or woman we promise to love and cherish, forsaking all others, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, is served papers the moment that hot new secretary catches our eye, or the dashing young pool boy. We hear the laments, “He’s not the same man I married!” No kidding. People change. They grow. They grow old, and we hide our elderly away in nursing facilities so we don’t have to see them. When once we would have taken our aging parents into our homes, we leave them in hospital-like facilities and hope they die quickly so they don’t spend our inheritance on medical care, room, and board.

Children, once the pride and joy of a family, are brushed aside as quickly as possible. Dropped in daycares as mere newborns, from there to nursery school and after school programs, pre-K, full-day kindergartens, and more after school activities than one can count. Enrichment camps each school vacation week and a variety of overnight camps each summer ensure that working parents don’t have to worry about taking time off to be home with Johnny and Suzy.

Those are the ones allowed to live. Others, for whatever noble or ignoble reason you can make up, are rent limb from limb in their mothers’ wombs, extracted a piece at a time. Still more are burned to death by saline or other chemical injection. Up until 2003, it was entirely legal for a full-term baby to be half-delivered, only to have a pair of scissors puncture his skull and his brains removed via vacuum. That particular barbaric act is known as partial-birth abortion, or “intact dilation and extraction” in legal terms. It’s infanticide. A doctor (and I’ll use that term loosely) who performs such an atrocity faces only a fine and up to a two-year prison sentence. To put that into perspective, premeditated first-degree murder (which would be the non-abortion equivalent) generally carries a sentence of anywhere from 25-life, sometimes with the chance of parole, to the death penalty. Just let that sink in for a minute.

Meanwhile, you get these kids who, through no fault of their own, have a father who committed one of the worst crimes imaginable against another, and a mother who has to bear that trauma. Being only a few cells large at this point, it’s not like you can say much in your defense. One might hardly blame a woman for wanting to erase any trace of what she suffered.

The sins of the father shall not be visited upon the son.

This is why our culture needs to change. Not only to become a life-affirming culture, but a culture in which we stop throwing away value. The value of what we make and more importantly, the value of who we are. That family on the corner working and struggling to make ends meet, but Mom and Dad manage to have a sit down dinner with everyone at least once a week? Yes! Paint them a banner! (Literally or metaphorically.) Joe and Jane have grown apart from each other and separated for a while, but decide to go for marriage counseling? Yes! It will be hard, but what a way to honor your vows. Sam rearranged  things at the office so he can work from home, and help out his widower father? Good for him! It will be a sacrifice, but how much more comfortable will Dad be, and how much will their relationship grow? Claire and Frank already have three kids and surprise! Claire is expecting again? And she’s keeping the baby! Yay! More sibling playmates, even numbers around the table (for the OCD among us), and that many more hugs, kisses, and refrigerator art pieces.

Somebody spiked Julia’s drink at a party and she got raped? And she just found out she’s pregnant because of it? And she’s keeping the baby and giving him or her up for adoption? Or even keeping the child to raise on her own? That child is still 1/2 her, after all.

Somebody give that woman a medal.

That is the culture we need. A culture of mutual support. Not a culture of mutual trashing of what we have.

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